Original Songbook Offers 101 Research Based Compositions


*101 original songs for young children, families, teachers, therapists and day care providers.

*The songbook is packed with research based music compositions, strategies and suggestions for using these songs in your practice and guidance on how to make the most meaningful music for early childhood development. You will love them as much as your children and families.

*All songs come with full notation. 2 Cds included.

*Song categories include Gathering Songs; Songs for Play Time; Songs for Transitions; Songs for Bonding; Songs for Movement and Play; Songs about Me and My World.

Your music brought such joy to my daughter’s life. We use your songs every day to play together, learn and communicate. All these things are priceless! 


Your songs are so easy to sing and so memorable. I find myself singing them all the time in the classroom. The words and concepts are functional and the melodies help me keep my students engaged and communicating.

Early Childhood Educator

I have been using Beth’s songs in my music therapy groups for years. They are written with a clear focus on developmental skills and the intentional use of musical elements comes through in each song. These songs are so great they will quickly become part of your go-to repertoire!

Music Therapist


Music Therapist Beth Schwartz has given a wonderful gift to those who love to make meaningful music with children. Her latest book, You And Me Makes…We, A Growing Together Songbook describes the elements and processes that contribute to implementing multi-layered musical experiences. Furthermore, the book’s delightful collection of easy to learn songs are reflective of familiar childhood themes while utilizing a wide range of musical styles and modes. I will keep this book tucked in my tote bag that accompanies me to all the music therapy groups I conduct; I know I will refer to it often!

Marcia Humpal, M.Ed., MT-BC

Co-founder of the Early Childhood Network of the American Music Therapy Association


You and Me Makes…We: A Growing Together Songbook should be on the shelf of every music therapist, caregiver or adult working in the field of early childhood. The author writes in a way that enables adults to build meaningful relationships with children through singing, playing, moving and creating, plus understand how child development relates to children’s unique response to music. For the music therapist, the book is a treasure trove of activities and theory based on years of research and application that will be a requisite resource for years to come.


Beth McLaughlin, LCAT MT-BC

Music therapist and internship supervisor at Wildwood School.


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