What is Sprouting Melodies®? Sprouting Melodies® is a unique, award-winning early childhood music program in which you and your little one sing, play, and move to music that is specially designed to promote healthy early development.

Who runs Sprouting Melodies® classes? Every Sprouting Melodies Provider™ is a Board-Certified Music Therapist who has received specialized training in early childhood development and early childhood music. As a qualified professional, the Sprouting Melodies Provider™ is skilled at making the early music experience a successful one for all children and families. At Sprouting Melodies® we have the extensive training and experience to create and lead musical adventures that meet your child’s needs and move the whole group forward developmentally on a weekly basis. We also have the clinical training and judgment to modify classes to meet unique individual needs.

Who goes to the Sprouting Melodies® classes? Sprouting Melodies® classes are for all young children! Sprouting Melodies® provides age specific groupings so that the music and environment can be tailored to the developmental level of each group.

  • Sprouting Melodies® 1 is for infants birth through 9 months
  • Sprouting Melodies® 2 is for babies 6 to 18 months
  • Sprouting Melodies® 3 is for toddlers 18 months to 3 years
  • Family Sprouts is a mixed age group from all children under five and is perfect for families with more than one child.

Sprouting Melodies® classes are designed to foster mutual engagement and development so every child comes with a grownup. The grownup could be a parent, grandparent, extended family member or a caregiver.

Is Sprouting Melodies® right for my child? Absolutely. Sprouting Melodies® is a musical place where every child can grow and develop. All children are welcome in Sprouting Melodies®.

“My daughter’s [earlier] inability to communicate with words was a great
source of frustration for both of us. In just a few short weeks at Sprouting
Melodies, by singing the same songs around the house, her language skills
have exploded! Her willingness to try using words has greatly improved and
dramatically cut down on tantrums. I highly recommend these classes and am
grateful that she seems to be catching up with her peers.”

Do I need a music background to bring my child to Sprouting Melodies®? One of the core beliefs of Sprouting Melodies® is that every child and every person is inherently musical and that every child and every person has a right to be musical. Since music is a natural part of being human, all you need to bring is you!

What kind of music will we experience in Sprouting Melodies®? The music used in Sprouting Melodies® classes is live, participatory and developmentally appropriate. That means that you and your child will sing, play instruments, and move to music. All the music of Sprouting Melodies® is composed based on research into natural responses to music at each developmental level. Each Sprouting Melodies Provider™ chooses the songs and musical material most suitable for each group. The classes are structured ‘by the child not by the book’.

The songs are designed to be sing-able, both for you and your child and the focus of the words is on functional language and communication. When appropriate, simple and functional sign language is also incorporated. Repetition and practice are key in early childhood, and so we provide lots of time for you and your child to make the music your own.

While easy to sing and remember, the songs are also designed to celebrate the depth, beauty and excitement of a wide variety of musical material. The songs are simple, but not simplistic; child-like but not childish.

What will we do in a Sprouting Melodies® class? Each Sprouting Melodies® class will involve an assortment of carefully selected music making experiences, including:

  • singing songs
  • experimenting with musical babble
  • exploring and playing with simple instrument such as maracas, tone bars, jingle bells or drums
  • moving to music in both free and structured ways
  • reading books set to music
  • moving and playing with scarves
  • exploring puppets or toys

Each class is designed to flow smoothly from one music experience to the next through the use of transition songs. Songs also provide a complete range of musical moods such as quiet or thoughtful or joyous or triumphant.

We are very aware of specific age differences, so at Sprouting Melodies® your child will participate in age-appropriate activities in a small group setting with children of his or her own developmental stage. In our classes, no one is ever bored or left out! We always focus on age- and stage-appropriate fun, music and learning.


What makes Sprouting Melodies® unique?

Sprouting Melodies® is unique in approach, attitude and qualification of Providers.

  • The focus of Sprouting Melodies® is to provide families with an opportunity for overall growth and development through music experiences.
  • The Sprouting Melodies® attitude is one of support and community in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • The Providers are all Board Certified Music Therapists with additional early childhood training and their professional qualifications are the key ingredient to success in each Sprouting Melodies® class.

Where are Sprouting Melodies® classes held? Sprouting Melodies® programs are held in communities across the country. Each program is held in locations that are safe, convenient and comfortable for children and families.

What will my child get out of Sprouting Melodies® class? Being in a Sprouting Melodies® class means that your child will have a place to make and share music that is developmentally appropriate, engaging and meaningful. Your child will experience consistent and supportive opportunities for learning and growing through the songs and the music therapist’s approach. Your child will also discover his or her own musicality and have a chance to become themselves in music. Because there are no cookie-cutter kids, we offer no cookie-cutter classes. We quickly discover how to reach your child’s unique needs in the Sprouting Melodies® group and invite them to enter into the joyful discovery of music making.

What will I get out of Sprouting Melodies® class? Being in a Sprouting Melodies® class is a perfect way to share special time with your little one. Making music with your child gives you a chance to play together, learn about each other, and develop experiences that have shared and lasting meaning. The songs you sing in class will become valuable tools that your family will use all week long! They will become a wonderful way to communicate and help build healthy relationships in your whole family.

In Sprouting Melodies® you will become part of a community where the joys and challenges of parenting or care-giving are understood. The Sprouting Melodies Provider™ will share practical information about development and help you to better understand the stages of learning your child is going through. In addition, we have found that many parents have made their closest parent friendships in Sprouting Melodies® as they have shared these precious stages of parenthood with the other children and parents in the group.

Class Schedule and Fees

Each Sprouting Melodies Provider™ maintains their own class schedules and registrations. To find out more about your local classes, find your Sprouting Melodies Provider™ here.

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