About Us

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy;
but most importantly music,
for the patterns in music … are the keys to learning.

Music sparks development

Watch a parent calm an infant with a simple melody or a young child keep rhythm to a beat. Engage a group of preschoolers in a repeating chorus or capture a toddler’s attention through words that are whispered.

Music is a fundamental experience that can be designed to move young children forward as they form a sense of self and the skills to organize, interact and communicate. Where musical patterns go, brain patterns will follow.

Sprouting Melodies® is brought to you through Raising Harmony™, the center for Music Therapy and Young Children. Founded by two music therapists, Meredith Pizzi, MT-BC and Elizabeth Schwartz, MT-BC, the center provides a community for conversation and learning about music and development.

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