Why I Love Making Music with Children

How could you not love making music with children? I love providing music therapy programs for little ones at public libraries and in our Sprouting Melodies classes. And I love making music with older children in afterschool groups. But honestly, the best part is knowing that Moms, Dads and other caregivers can bring those songs home and develop the music making at home.

So on that note, here are My Top Reasons Why I Love Making Music with Children.

Music is Music – Simple Enough
There is nothing like sharing in the simplicity of music making with a child. As a newborn, music is a profound experience that causes the baby to stop and look around, waiting and watching. As children age, they become more and more aware of the environment and still attend to music as if it is a huge presence in the room. I learn a lot from their experience of music.  [Read more…]

Original Songbook Offers 101 Research Based Compositions


*101 original songs for young children, families, teachers, therapists and day care providers.

*The songbook is packed with research based music compositions, strategies and suggestions for using these songs in your practice and guidance on how to make the most meaningful music for early childhood development. You will love them as much as your children and families.

*All songs come with full notation. 2 Cds included.

*Song categories include Gathering Songs; Songs for Play Time; Songs for Transitions; Songs for Bonding; Songs for Movement and Play; Songs about Me and My World.

Your music brought such joy to my daughter’s life. We use your songs every day to play together, learn and communicate. All these things are priceless!  [Read more…]

Musical composition can match developmental goals and brain activity.

Written by: Britney Mcneilly, Former Co-op Student at Sprouting Melodies

From early beginnings in the womb until the late stages of adulthood, music plays an important role in human growth, development, and sustainment. Music— to be defined here as organized sound— is an essential component of most cultures, coloring the world through melodies, harmonies, rhythm, and lyrics. Humans use music as a form of emotional expression, as well as a group bonding activity through participation in orchestras, bands, and casual gatherings. Most recently, psychological researchers have been interested to find that music has another, potentially even more important function: it can improve brain development. In several experiments conducted regarding this phenomenon, statistics show that children who play instruments and possess the ability to read music tend to score higher on achievement tests (Costa-Giomi, 1999). Also, brains of adult musicians are significantly different in structure and function than those of non-musicians (Schlaug, Norton, Overy, & Winner, 2005). The results of various studies and observations concluded that both playing and listening to music positively effect brain development; however, there is still some dispute among professionals as to the validity of this statement.  [Read more…]

Sprouting Melodies® now offered in Connecticut

We are thrilled to announce that a new Sprouting Melodies program is beginning in Watertown, CT. Sprouting Melodies classes will be offered by Connecticut Music Therapy Services, a Sprouting Melodies Provider Agency. On April 8, 2013, Board Certified Music Therapist Krizta Moon will join little ones and their parents to begin an early childhood musical adventure like no other! Their first class will be Family Sprouts offered on Mondays from 9:00-9:45am and will run from April 8-May 6th. Classes will be held at the Connecticut Music Therapy Services Center, 51 Depot St., Suite 208 in Watertown.

For more information and to register, please contact Connecticut Music Therapy Services at 860-558-0802.

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