Musical Inspiration

I am so impressed at how you get the whole place going. As an infant my son just took it all in; the rhythm, the repetition. Now it’s the highlight of our week, being in the middle of the music!

-Steve, Sprouting Melodies Parent

Your class gives my son confidence and stronger language. Hands down, the content and overall experience at Sprouting Melodies is much better than other early childhood music programs. We were never less than impressed and I know its your credentials and expertise that make your class so much more than a typical music class.

-Sprouting Melodies Parent

Sprouting Melodies proves to be a great resource for early intervention families that I work with who have hearing loss. The auditory fullness of the experience and the sheer joy of being bathed in musical sound makes this a valuable small group setting for a child learning to listen as well as learning to enjoy listening. Learning songs, moving to the beat, and then getting more music if they vocalize, sign more, or initiate making music all combine to make this a unique family friendly experience. Parents are given strategies to help their child participate at their own pace as well as reassurance that their child’s reaction is on target developmentally. I believe that any early intervention child with a hearing loss can thrive in a Sprouting Melodies class and gain important skills in the process. Join in the fun and try out a class and you will see for yourself. What a wonderful resource for families!

Marty Lapointe-Malchik, MED
Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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