Can’t Sit Still

Waiting in line at the grocery store? or in the Doctor’s waiting room? These are times when a parent’s need to focus and wait really clashes with the child’s need to move. Here is a brand new Sprouting Melodies Sing at Home to help you and your child make it though these tough times. It might just be one of the most fun songs I have ever written!


Look outside! The wind is blowing

The people are moving and the cars are going

And down in the ground all the flowers are growing

And I can’t sit still.

The wind is blowing, and I can’t sit still

The cars are going, and I can’t sit still

The flowers are growing, and I can’t sit still

No, I can’t sit still


Look outside! The bunnies are hopping

The birds are singing and their heads are bopping

And up in the sky the sun is not stopping

And I can’t sit still.

The bunnies are hopping, and I can’t sit still

The birds are bopping, and I can’t sit still

The sun’s not stopping, and I can’t sit still

No, I can’t sit still


I can move my body

I can move my feet

I can wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

In my seat

But I can’t sit still


  1. Marianne Abene says

    I LOVE this jazzy tune and the perfect lyrics, and look forward to using it in my classroom music therapy sessions – thanks so much, Beth!

  2. Marianne Abene says

    Hi Beth! For the past 2 days at HeartShare, I have been getting “tons of mileage” from using your Can’t Sit Still song in my sessions! In my classroom sessions, I sang it with a microphone, and soon many students were repeating “can’t sit still” at the appropriate times in the song. 2 students even spontaneously made up additional lyrics! And these are all kids who can’t sit still! With the students who I see individually or in groups of 2 or 3, who have asthma, we watched tour video. I told them that you had been my teacher, which fascinated them. They tried to snap their fingers and move their bodies in imitation of your movements and sang portions of song phrases! Tomorrow, is the 3rd & final day of my work week with kids, and I am sure your song will be a hit again! Thanks so much!

    • I am so grateful for your feedback, Marianne. One of the best things in the world for me is to learn about how others are using my songs! Would you mind if I used some of your statements on our Raising Harmony Facebook page?

      • Marianne Abene says

        Please do! What better proof of the power of music therapy than the responses of the special needs children for whom the song was written? : )

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