A Special Welcome to the Dads of Sprouting Melodies


Sprouting Melodies is a great place for a Dad, a grandpa, a brother or an uncle to spend special time with the young child in their life.  We are there to transform a routine morning or afternoon into a special and memorable moment.  One of our dads told us:

I am so impressed at how you get the whole place going.
As an infant my son just took it all in; the rhythm, the repetition.
Now it’s the highlight of our week, being in the middle of the music!

 Here are some of the ways that Sprouting Melodies is committed to making a musical place where you can feel comfortable, valued and welcomed.

We Change the Song,
                    So You Can Sing Along

The most important voice for your child is yours. We do know from research that singing a song in the same key each time helps the child to develop a good sense of pitch. But here at Sprouting Melodieswe are most interested in developing a good sense of parenting. We want Dads to sing and play with their child, and so we adjust the key of each song to make singing comfortable for you and make singing along with your child an easy and natural part of your play.

We Give Tips on What to Expect;
Your Job of Parenting is Given Respect

People often joke with new parents and say that ‘children don’t come with instructions’.  During a Sprouting Melodiessession, though, you will have a safe community in which the challenges of parenting are accepted and questions and concerns can be shared.  Your Sprouting Melodies Provider has extensive training in early childhood development and they know how to help you negotiate the stages of growing up. Along with the fun and music, we will share with you quick and simple tips on children and development called ‘Sprouting Melodies Sayings’.

This Time is Special for Your Child and You;
That is the Core of All That We Do

Contemporary life is often hectic and busy. Our Sprouting Melodiesclasses are designed to give you and your child a calm oasis where the two of you can enjoy each other in a fun, engaging activity. Since we focus on the parent/child relationship, there is freedom to just be together and enjoy those precious moments that pass by too quickly.

See you in the music soon.


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