Music Motivators for Moms

The music therapists of Raising Harmony™ and Sprouting Melodies® are so grateful to all the MOMs who believe enough in the importance of music in their children’s lives that they pack, and carry and drive and unload and climb and shuffle in order to get to music group each week.  We are committed to supporting you in your journey through motherhood.

You spend so much time and devotion to growing your children – but don’t forget to nurture yourself. Here are a few thoughts about how music can also be for YOU!

Sing out loud. It doesn’t matter what you sing. Just sing something that makes you feel good. And sing it out loud. The act of singing releases endorphins, a brain chemical involved in pleasure, and increases oxytocin, the “bonding” hormone. (  

Listen to music to get you going. Mothers spend a good amount of time doing necessary but sometimes tedious chores. To get you (and your children) going, turn on some heart-pumping music with a beat that makes you want to swing your hips or move your feet. Music with appealing tempo and rhythmic patterns encourages movement and decreasing the perception of fatigue so those chores might get done faster and feel a little less like a burden.(

Listen to music to calm you down. Stress seems to be a natural part of the life of a mother. The best gift you can give yourself (and your children) is to find a way each day to de-stress. Music that has a predictable structure, narrower dynamics and that you like can help to lower heart rate and decrease stress hormones. Everybody’s idea of calming music is different, so go ahead and choose what works for you.(

Join a recreational music group. Mothers spend a lot of time giving their children enriching opportunities. Make time in your week to enrich your life through a recreational music group. Join a choir, play guitar in a band, sing along with a barbershop quartet. Recreational music making has been shown to decrease anxiety and negativity. The social nature of group music participation can also help you feel more engaged. (



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