Welcome to Sprouting Melodies

“Music for young children, like music in general, is a unique experience that is unlike anything else. For young children with no language there is still music. For the young child with limited movement, there is still music. For a child who cannot see or touch objects in the environment, there is still music. Even for children with hearing loss, there can still be music.”

-Elizabeth Schwartz, LCAT, MT-BC, Co-Founder, Raising Harmony


Welcome to Sprouting Melodies!

The Sprouting Melodies early childhood music program was designed to offer all children and the grownups who love them, the unique experience of being part of music. In our groups together, the children spend quality time with their caregivers, the Sprouting Melodies Provider and the other young children in the class exploring instruments, songs, and movement. It is a full experience of relationships, bonding, and nurturing as the babies and toddlers bounce with joy to the music on their parent’s lap, smile as they shake maracas, and laugh as they move to the music throughout the room.

Sprouting Melodies began in the Boston area in 2009 with classes offered one day a week. Today, Sprouting Melodies is recognized as The Best Kids Class North of Boston and is offered 5 days a week in two locations in the Greater Boston area.

Sprouting Melodies provides a positive and supportive developmental experience for children of all abilities. For those children who are meeting all of their developmental milestones, they are able to jump into the music, to explore their world and their relationships with others and each week stretch and grow into their music. Children who are receiving Early Intervention services benefit from participation and are able to address their developmental skills in a fun and natural environment. Children with delays who do not qualify for Early Intervention services are able to get the support they need in a therapeutic, but playful environment.

We are so excited to join in as you see how music transforms your child!

Meredith R. Pizzi, MT-BC
Co-Founder of Raising Harmony and Founder of Sprouting Melodies

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