How’s the Weather Where You are Today?

Sprouting Melodies Sing at Home:” It’s Cold, Cold, Cold.”

How’s the weather where you are today?  No matter what’s outside, the way that weather affects us can make us comfortable or miserable.  Here are two brand new musical chants to sing at home with your little ones about those outside feelings.  One to help you understand what your child is telling you; and one to help your child understand the world around them. Enjoy!


What’s Wrong?    E.K. Schwartz 2014

Are you hungry? Are you tired?

Is your diaper ripe and bold?

Are you sick? Are you lonely?

Are you hot? Or are you cold?

It’s Cold, Cold, Cold.    E.K. Schwartz 2014

There’s a tingle in my fingers

And a jingle in my toes

There’s a shiver in my belly

And a crinkle in my nose

My elbows and knees are feeling cranky and old

And that’s how I know that it’s cold, cold, cold.

Brr…It’s cold, cold, cold.

Brr…It’s cold, cold, cold.

Brr…It’s cold, cold, cold.

And that’s how I know that it’s cold, cold, cold

Sowing Seeds, Note by Note

We finally got around to planting our vegetable garden today, and I couldn’t help thinking again about the relationship between growing plants and growing children. My grandparents were farmers, and probably their parents were farmers.  Growing up, my family always had a vegetable garden, and now I have my own. As I sat there in the warm dirt this morning, I felt the presence of all those ancestors who undoubtedly sat, just like me, in a plot of humid earth with a young seedling in hand.


No matter how much modern society likes to value change, many of the things we do are basically the same as the way things have been done for generations. Just like gardens and children. Here are some of the simple basics and the way music fits into growing:  [Read more…]

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