Become a Provider

Become a Sprouting Melodies Provider

The Sprouting Melodies program offers Board Certified Music Therapists a chance to use your education, skills and experience to bring the best possible early childhood music experience to families in your community. Learn how to recognize early childhood musical responses and how responses function in the overall development of the child.

  • Earn Continuing Education Credits
  • Trainings are offered both Live and Online.
  • Journey with an intimate group of Board Certified Music Therapists.
  • Become a member of the Raising Harmony™ Community.

Sprouting Melodies training will give you an extensive background in planning for, creating and presenting music that is developmentally appropriate as well as engaging and motivating for children as well as families. A core repertoire of quality interventions and songs will be available through Sprouting Melodies in order to help you design session plans. There will also be support and guidance if you choose to create unique musical material.

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